Travel Industry Act - general regulation

Establishes the detailed requirements to register and operate as a travel agent and/or wholesaler in Ontario.


Requirements in the regulation under the Travel Industry Act, 2002 ensure that when customers book a travel service through a registered travel agent or travel wholesaler in Ontario, they:

  • know the total price, including all fees
  • get a receipt from the agent or wholesaler
  • are notified and offered a refund or comparable alternate travel services if there are certain changes to the travel services
  • are protected when they make a prepaid deposit
  • are reimbursed for eligible claims out of the Travel Industry Compensation Fund


To protect consumers purchasing travel services.

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MCCAnita (a business owner)

Created 1 week 3 days ago

Eliminate it

TICO only protects such a small portion of travel and is not trackable. Add additional costs for travel purchased in Ontario. The general public do not understand what is covered and is often misled. There is enough insurance providers in Ontario to buy coverage for any trip.

Hubert M. (an employee)

Created 1 week 3 days ago

Improve it

In order to boost travel and provide equal opportunity to all citizens to travel within Canada all provinces should tie up with corporates to provide holiday packages to employees at affordable no prices so that Canadians can travel if they want a getaway from the routine thus promoting wellness and mental and physical health.

jeanie brummitt (a business owner)

Created 2 weeks 5 days ago

Keep it the same

Our Business attracted tourists from more than 32 countries last year yet tourism is not considered an EXPORT with respect to government grants. Tourists bring money from outside Canada, they 'BUY' a Canadian experience, they eat in our restaurants, stay in our hotels, buy fuel and spend international dollars. Tourism is a significant contributor to Canada's GDP.
I would like to see the government support tourism industry businesses as heartily as they support the manufacturing, research and technology industry. Please change the grant criteria to include tourism as an EXPORT.
Thanks so much,
Perth Outfitters