Liquor Licence Act - Licences to sell liquor

Requirements and standards getting and holding a licence to sell liquor and conditions for endorsements.


This regulation defines the legal framework related to liquor licensing and encompassing all of the related topics such as:

  • possession of liquor
  • licences tied to manufacturers
  • application or renewal of licences
  • classes of notices
  • prohibited practices and methods

The regulation also includes conditions for various forms of endorsements such as:

  • room service endorsements
  • mini-bar endorsements
  • golf-course endorsements
  • brew pub and wine pub endorsements


To ensure ethical methods and practices when selling and serving alcohol.

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NW Ontario Lodgeowner (a business owner)

Created 10 months 3 weeks ago

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This might be in the wrong place, but as a lodge owner with a liquor license I find it criminal that I have to pay MORE for alcohol purchases. All because I have followed the law and gotten a license. Many of my breathren have seen this and for this reason alone they never get a license as there is a 30% surcharge for all of us following the law. Are you kidding me! You would think we would get a discount since we are re-sellers. But instead you charge us more encouraging us to not follow the law at all. The LCBO and alcohol policy is one of the worst monopolies in the country but to charge us more for doing the right thing is sad. We will all continue to disobey the law based on this stupid rule.

Tannis Clinton (a business owner)

Created 11 months 2 weeks ago

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We are a remote lodge operating a fully licensed dining room in an unorganized territory. When applying for additional seating it was like pulling teeth trying to comply with the required steps ie; obtaining compliance letters from fire chief, municipality, building inspector, due to the fact we don't have any of these. It took a great deal of time and effort to have this understood down in Toronto. Had to spend over thousand dollars to have an engineer draw up a plan. Very difficult 6 months,


Created 1 year 2 weeks ago

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You dont actually do this. Since you have NEVER charged an establishment or Manufacturer with illegal inducements to sell beer - and virtually 99.999% of all breweries are providing kick-backs or free beer, money, merchandise etc - some are creative, some are blatant - all are illegal and Ontario has NEVER done anything. Joke.


Created 1 year 2 weeks ago

Improve it

‎With the proliferation of Ontario produced craft beer and cider together with the increased availability of similarly high quality beer and cider available through the LCBO; the existing bring-your-own wine endorsement appears unjustifiably limited and should be expanded to include a broader range of commercially-made beer and cider products.