Liquor Licence Act - Licences to sell liquor

Requirements and standards getting and holding a licence to sell liquor and conditions for endorsements.


This regulation defines the legal framework related to liquor licensing and encompassing all of the related topics such as:

  • possession of liquor
  • licences tied to manufacturers
  • application or renewal of licences
  • classes of notices
  • prohibited practices and methods

The regulation also includes conditions for various forms of endorsements such as:

  • room service endorsements
  • mini-bar endorsements
  • golf-course endorsements
  • brew pub and wine pub endorsements


To ensure ethical methods and practices when selling and serving alcohol.

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Created 2 weeks 6 days ago

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You dont actually do this. Since you have NEVER charged an establishment or Manufacturer with illegal inducements to sell beer - and virtually 99.999% of all breweries are providing kick-backs or free beer, money, merchandise etc - some are creative, some are blatant - all are illegal and Ontario has NEVER done anything. Joke.


Created 2 weeks 6 days ago

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‎With the proliferation of Ontario produced craft beer and cider together with the increased availability of similarly high quality beer and cider available through the LCBO; the existing bring-your-own wine endorsement appears unjustifiably limited and should be expanded to include a broader range of commercially-made beer and cider products.