Liquor Licence Act - general regulation

More detail on specific topics related to liquor sales licences.


This regulation outlines specific standards and requirements in the Liquor Licence Act on subjects such as:

  • licences tied to manufacturers
  • hospitals and institutions
  • consumption of liquor for research purposes
  • exemptions from provisions of the Act
  • liquor delivery services


To clarify and provide additional guidance on specific sections of the Liquor Licence Act.

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John Craig (a business owner)

Created 1 year 1 week ago

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We are a farm that grows hops for the beer industry. We are in a tourism heavy area. We are currently not allowed to sell beer made from our hops unless we produce it on our farm. We need to be able to brew some beer on the farm, but supplement with an off site contract facility to enhance our supply when tourists are here, and not waste products when they are not, since beer expires, unlike wine. Current regulations do not allow us to sell contract beer made with our own ingredients on our farm, unless we own the contract brewing facility. Tourists who come on our farm right now are frustrated with us not having beer for sale, and do not understand why....neither do we