Liquor Licence Act

Requirements and standards for a licence to sell liquor.


This legislation outlines the procedures and requirements for liquor licences while also establishing social responsibility offences and the legal framework for related matters.

Some examples of what is covered under this legislation are:

  • applications for permits
  • power of permits
  • licence renewal/transfer
  • hearings
  • requirements to display sign
  • rules for persons under 19
  • compliance


To protect Ontarians by ensuring the quality and standards of liquor being sold in the marketplace, promote responsible consumption and restrict access to liquor by minors.

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Ben S (a business owner)

Created 10 months 4 weeks ago

Improve it

The largest issue with this law is that there are many aspects that do nothing to help responsible service, but create hurdles.

I am all for evidence-based regulation to reduce the risks to the public, but the key is that it requires evidence, not just bureaucratic hunches.

A few examples:
* The Sandy's Law poster - It's ugly, and I highly doubt there's any evidence it cuts down on pregnant women drinking.
* The requirement to buy alcohol on our license number - this causes a few issues: the entirely unfair beer pricing, and being in a small town, our local general store sells alcohol. But they can't sell to us on our license. So if we're running low on vodka, and the store is open, we can't buy it there. What is the ostensible purpose of this, since we have to keep receipts anyway?