Consumer Protection Act

Consumer rights and protection when dealing with businesses.


The Consumer Protection Act, 2002 is broad legislation that governs most consumer transactions in Ontario and provides important protections for consumers.

Areas covered under this act and its regulations include:

  • general consumer rights to goods and services of reasonably acceptable quality
  • protections against unfair practices, including mispresenting fees as taxes
  • disclosure and transaction-specific rights related to various types of consumer agreements, such as:
    • door-to-door contracts
    • prepaid services
    • gift cards
    • timeshares
    • car repairs
    • towing services
    • credit agreements
  • transaction-rights exemptions for certain travel-related transactions
  • procedures for consumer remedies when rights given under the statute are violated
  • protection of consumer rights to participate in class actions
  • enforcement powers and offences which may be prosecuted


To ensure consumers are protected from unfair business practices.