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Created on November 21, 2016 by amysinger.  4 comments

I want Ontario to spend $50,000 - 250,000 to fund a digital service about connecting small businesses with potential interns in order to support Ontario’s small businesses.

Internship marketplace for small businesses and students

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For over a decade, I’ve managed a small business in Ontario – an online magazine. I’ve often wished for the ability to find a paid intern from a journalism school, but there’s currently no central way to do this. Business owners have to search school by school, and small businesses often run into barriers.

I believe Ontario should create a digital service where post-secondary students can register their area of specialty, school, and program, and business owners can post openings and search for suitable candidates to interview.

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Small businesses will be able to find a pool of available talent, pre-qualified to fit the position; potential interns can see a number of positions at one time and choose the one(s) best suited to their skills and professional goals rather than blindly applying to every job with the word "intern" in the title.

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Internship marketplace for small businesses and students

This idea was selected for voting but was not one of the top 3 projects.

This idea received 963 votes.


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 I have a different opinion Posted on November 21, 2016 by vishalmalhotra

In terms of Ontario making a central way of connecting recruiters and student, in my opinion, wouldn't make sense. Linkedin provides a service called Linkedin Job Recruitment. You pay a fixed fee to showcase a job opportunity to a fixed geographic location, educational background, and experiences. This job posting will frequently appear to individuals that fit these criteria. In addition, there is recruitment software that scans resumes based on a set parameter which you set. The only way I see this idea working is if users pay an annual fee as it benefits businesses by reducing recruitment costs. Even then I feel like the private markets do this service efficiently and efficiently.

In terms of searching students university to university you can contact the career service department via email. They will then see if there are students that fit your requirements as they are paid to do this. Even if you then tell students how many position you are hiring for, you can still get thousands of resumes as it isn't a deterrent. The last issue with this idea is that the government of Canada has a job board which you can post your job and get responses.

Posted on November 21, 2016 by amysinger

I don't agree.
The existing job ads are haphazard and scattered across multiple job sites, well beyond the standard LinkedIn or Indeed listings. See: for example.

None of these sites do anything but post ads. Instead, I am suggesting the Ontario site would offer a list of attributes. The candidate would select those they possess; the employer would select those attributes that are important in the position.

In addition, there is very little available that shows off what the position will offer the Intern, since most of these positions do not involve payment. A company could share a list of their perks, and if a candidate had a specific perk they required, only those positions would be listed.

Right now, the search for Interns requires digging through multiple sites, many of which do not feature consistent information from one to the next. And it's up to the employer (ie, someone like me) to reach out to school after school to find a candidate. This Internship Marketplace would reduce time searching for both parties, and highlight more qualified candidates and more suitable placements.

Posted on November 21, 2016 by vishalmalhotra

Makes sense, in that case, there is a website called Which has:

Match and search
Fill out your hiring needs to power our algorithms, or perform advanced searches on your own. Get specific with keywords to help us deliver precise matches straight to your inbox.

Send personalized interview requests to your favorite matches, or bookmark candidates for review with your team later.

Streamline the interview process and present an enthusiastic offer to the right fit in under 25 days.

It allows you to tell the algorithm what skills/attributes that you need, and what you offer. On the flip side, applicants will tell what skills they have and what they want. From that, if they fit your criteria you will be notified where the hiring process is streamlined. So it's less of an ad and more of a match making process which is what you want. Hopefully this helps.

Posted on November 21, 2016 by amysinger

I think that site has a lot of good ideas to borrow from. But the needs of Interns and companies who want to hire them are a little different from the traditional employer/employee relationship.

Also, I think that any money an employer has to spend to find an intern (ie placing job ads) would be better spent ON the successful intern, as a completion (of their internship) bonus, or something of the sort. So a government-sponsored site has a real appeal to me as a potential employer.