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I want Ontario to spend over $250,000 to fund a pilot about increasing the number of young indigenous teachers on reserves in order to help students achieve their full potential.

Help Indigenous youth get teaching degrees and teach on reserve

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What is your project idea? 

This would be implemented through an incentive program for young aboriginal adults to get a teaching degree and then teach on a reserve. They would receive grant money to do so and would not have to worry about paying for their education, as long as they took placements on a reserve in Ontario. This program would only be open to young aboriginal adults in Canada.

It would take a few years for the success to be evident, but if the gaps between children taught in reserves and in other parts of Ontario began to close and the number of teachers on reserves increased substantially, expectations would already be met.

This is a long-term program, but the benefits would be amazing. If young children on reserves were able to see adults just like them following great career-paths and loving their lives it would be priceless. The whole goal here is to empower the indigenous youth through the empowerment of indigenous adults.

How will this idea provide a solution? 

One of the biggest problems for those living on reserves in Canada is the quality of education provided. One way to change this without interfering in the culture or the way of life of these indigenous peoples is to guarantee that there is an adequate number of indigenous teachers available to provide a proper education for indigenous children.

Having people from other parts of Ontario go and teach on the reserves is good, but it is not the best solution. As these teachers would have the same knowledge and appreciation for indigenous culture as the children it would be easy to incorporate it into the curriculum and for the teachers to connect with the children. Furthermore, the children would have role models to look up to and something to strive towards.

A better educated youth only leads to a brighter future for the next generations. This does not mean that they would leave the reserve, but that they would have a deep appreciation for the land and the culture as well as the proper tools needed to start businesses or to follow any career-path of their choice.

Is there anything else we should consider? 

Specific details need to be figured out, such as where these young adults would go for their education (i.e. which universities would accommodate them) and also how long the incentives will continue to be paid to the teachers. It would not be optimal for them to leave as soon as they stopped receiving incentives, so they would need to really be enthusiastic about the program.

Furthermore, this program wouldn't necessarily need to last forever as eventually the education system on reserves would hopefully be built up so much and the teachers would be such good role models that a large portion of their students would love to follow in their footsteps.

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Help Indigenous youth get teaching degrees and teach on reserve

This idea was selected for voting but was not one of the top 3 projects.

This idea received 1,895 votes.


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Great idea!