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Budget Talks

Thank you for submitting and voting on ideas to make everyday life easier for people in Ontario.

The 5 ideas that received the most votes from the public have been announced in the 2018 Budget. We’ll spend up to $5 million bringing these ideas to life. Check back for progress updates throughout the year.

12,831 votes cast by 4,445 people


In January 2018, 12,831 votes were cast by the public to choose which of the 13 Budget Talks ideas would be funded in the 2018 Budget. Here are the five winners:

Browse the other projects that were selected for public voting:

Healthy living

Healthy Living



small businesses

Small Businesses

student success

Student Success

How it works

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Phase 1: Idea submission

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Phase 2: Submission review

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Phase 3: Live events

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Phase 4: Public voting


Learn more about Public Workshops and how we arrived at the final list.

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Phase 5: Implementation


Stay tuned for progress updates throughout the year as we fund and implement the 5 ideas that received the most votes. You can follow our progress updates throughout the Budget year, using the Budget Talks tracker opens in a new window.